Padum to Tzasar Wedding

Blog is now continuing on a different free hosting site:

I got intercepted in two ways:

  1. I got invited to a Zanskar wedding so my day plan for Zangla was thrown out.
  2. I ran out of storage space on my free web host ( – SO I AM CONTINUING THIS BLOG AT EPIZY.COM.


I’ve stashed part two on some free hosting site that promises the world. Infinite storage, etc. I spent a day setting it up and uploading photos. Got it working ok, and then it was suspended. For “High CPU”. I could be because a few photo uploads seemed to hang. No idea.

NOTE: The free epizy thing seems to be hitting “CPU Limits”, the site went down yesterday for no reason I can tell. If that is a normal thing I’m going to need to find a better free hosting. Boo.

Anyway. If these links work… great. If the host keeps suspending me for no discernible reason then I’ll need to find another approach.

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