Tanso To Sking

Wake early, breakfast with my hosts. School cook must get up early because he makes breakfast for the kids that live at the school. Most zanskar-po stay up too late and sleep in. Except when they don’t!

What I’m seeing is that there’s no set meal time, they eat when they can. The variance is high. And I’m finding myself hungry all the time.

July 5th is cold with a high overcast. Pack up and the plan for the day is to coast down to Sking and see about fixing those bicycles.

Arrive in a chilly Sking, wander down to the house I was invited to stay in. Eventually the schoolteacher shows up and invites me in for breakfast and shows me my room, a palatial thing. What I don’t realize though is that the house is populated by a horde of screaming kids and a screaming baby.

Hmm… frazzled parents… could there be… sanitation issues?

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