Once I’ve left Keylong there’s no internet until maybe in Padum in 2 weeks. And had some internet stuffs I needed to do before then. Well.. internet in Keylong was pretty flakey. Nonexistant actually for the first day. The hotel’s router was broken, but even after that I had maybe 2 hour a day. Was finally finished in 3 days.

I wasn’t exactly waiting in Keylong. Turns out I had a stomach thing, shitting 3-5 times/day. I read up on travellers diarrhea and fnally acquired some antibiotics and fixed myself. I went with Levofloxacin which hasn’t given me side effects in the past.

Three nights in Keylong I knew so many people! Was a bit sad to leave but also rearing to go. No more stomach problems. Fully fuelled and ready as I can be.

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